Are you a leader seeking to make a positive impact on people and planet through business? Do you feel daring and courageous to let go of habits, ways of understanding the world and explore new territories? Are you hopeful and willing to be an instrument of transformation at this time of disruption? We welcome you on a guided journey to grow your regenerative leadership capacities and leverage your organisation to usher in a new ‘wellbeing’ economy.


Einstein famously said,

"You cannot change a problem with the same thinking that created it."

In a world of turmoil a neat “cook book” of methods do not bring us far. We guide leaders on their journey of inner exploration, bringing awareness to the mindsets, the paradigms and the ways of thinking and being that have created the systemic challenges we face today and support them to transform these, by widening their perceptual horizons, accessing their wisdom and growing their capacity to bring about a more harmonious and flourishing future for all.

Over the past decades, whilst life expectancy has increased, economies have grown and technology has developed immensely, we have also witnessed rising inequality, ecological collapse and mental health crises among many other issues. We bring a different economic system: one that no longer sees humans as rational, self-interested actors and progress in short term financial terms. A wellbeing economy, that truly puts the care of people and our Earth at its core rather than an unrestricted pursuit of profit.

This shift is already beginning to happen, as slowly in the fringes of society people start to turn to indigenous traditions, ancient wisdom that has been with humanity for many thousands of years, guiding us on how we can lead and live in harmony with the Earth, a model we call ‘inner leadership’ - with reconnection and regeneration at its foundation.


"The metaphor of the machine served well in the industrial Age; the metaphor of the living system serves us well in the 21st

- Giles Hutchins


"The changes in which we will be called upon to participate in the future will be both deeply personal and inherently systemic.Yet the deeper dimensions of transform-ational change represent a largely unexplored territory...this blindspot concerns not the what and how - not what leaders do and how they do it - but the WHO: who we are and the inner place or source from which we operate, both individually and collectively."

- Senge, Scharmer and Jaworski & Flowers

This online Inner Leadership Program is designed for you to lead in a world that’s undergoing significant change and transformation. It will take you
on a journey where you will expand your conscious awareness about who you are, cultivate your innate wisdom, connect you with a community of like- minded catalysts of change and give you tools, frameworks and support

to bring change to your organization in service of creating a wellbeing economy.


  • You are frustrated with how our economic system operates and feel called to transform it

  • You are passionate about the potential of business to drive positive change

  • You are willing to unlearn and be open to ideas and practices that support the thriving of people and planet

  • You see yourself as an agent and a catalyst for positive change rather than as a victim


The course is highly experiential and practical with theory and case studies to support your progress. The pedagogy takes an inside out approach. It supports you to develop your self-and-life understandings, access your wisdom and express your inner capacities for you to bring this approach to your teams and organizations and eventually into the system in which you and they operate to co-create a wellbeing economy.


1st module 6 weeks. 2nd and 3rd modules 4 weeks. 4hrs/week


The program will blend online group workshops, guest talks and peer coaching, with offline exercises and practices to be completed by participants. The teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher - an ecosystem of learning together.


4 weeks

4 weeks



6 weeks

Online group workshops & 
Peer coaching

Offline exersizes and practises

Implementation in life and work

Invited guest speakers


We explore more deeply the big social and environmental crises that are affecting our world today, seeing more clearly the social, cultural and deeper drivers that underpin these. We cultivate an appreciation for whole systems thinking, embracing complexity, and explore the changes needed at the personal and societal level to create lasting transformation and a regenerative future. We continue to cultivate a deeper connection to one’s inner wisdom and the wisdom of nature in navigating the changes needed.

Module 1: BASECAMP
The first 6 week module gives you a foundation in self awareness and systems thinking as it relates to creating a wellbeing economy. We explore the most fundamental questions of who we are, why we are here and how we relate to the world around us. This module helps you access and ground yourself in your personal power, inner wisdom and natural strengths. It helps you shine a light on the stories and beliefs that unconsciously drive our own and our societies behaviours. We unpack the story of ‘separation’ which to a large degree underpins our society and economic system today as well as alternative paradigms, rooted in oneness, interconnectedness drawing from indigenous and wisdom traditions from around the world.

Each module can be taken separately or as a bundle

Module 3: SUMMIT
This module supports you in taking action and embedding life-enhancing transformations in your own life and organization. It explores the practical nature of how to live a regenerative life and creative regenerative cultures, processes and structures. It provides support in application, and creating structures for lasting positive change in your own life, organization and broader sphere of influence.

Be the change

you wish to see
in the world

We invite you to join us on this journey of inner exploration through our online Inner Leadership program for co-creating a wellbeing economy. It provides a whole raft of opportunities for you to discover and develop your natural leadership capacities to co-create
value-based solutions that positively impact your world.

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The world of leadership and societal development is transforming before our eyes. Leaders either learn to cross the threshold or struggle with approaches from outdated mindsets. Global New Zealanders Shruthi Vijayakumar, Christopher Evatt and Alexander Evatt and catalyse authentic change for this cruicial transformation in leadership consciousness for a whole systems change for
co-creating the wellbeing economy.

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Alexander Evatt

Heart wisdom catalyst for leadership and business

Christopher Evatt

ALL FLOURISHING.. people, businesses & planet.


Shruthi Vijayakumar

Creating a world where we live in harmony with Nature

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